Curonian Spit

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Post cards for Kursiu Nerija National Park, for old villages covered in sand.
Illustrations created in Illustrator and photoshop, I used baltic symbols and patters to create compositions for these postcards. Eg. Naujieji Nagliai postcard symbolize a Sea Holly which is a Lithuania red book plant, Senoji Nida symbolize a 

Krikstas is a Lithuanian burial monument of oldest type. Typically they are carved of wood. 
Old krikstai are usually symmetric figurines of horsehears, birds, plants, hearts, etc. Since 19th century cross-shaped monuments started to appear.
The first permanent settlements were founded in this area in the 4th century BC, with certain relocations in the long run. Since the 16th century a part of villages were covered in sand, and dwellers moved to new places. Fishing villages eventuallytransformed into resorts. 
Currently 8 settlements are situated in the Curonian Spit peninsula: 
– Lithuanian part: Nida, Preila, Pervalka, Juodkrantė and Smiltynė. Population: over 2 thous. of permanent residents (over 4 thous. of persons having declared their place of residence).
– Russian part:  Morskoye (ex. Pilkopė), Rybachy (ex. Rasytė) and Lesnoy (ex. Šarkuva). Population: approx. 1.5 thous. people.


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