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David Bou


David Bou (Dovydas Baksys) is an independent creative Lithuanian artist who specializes in illustration. He has 5 years experience in advertising (indoor agency and freelance). His main focus is an illustration and digital art. Currently David Bou is living and working at the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. Also David known as botanist, he keeps and cares a tropical plants collection. He plays Ukulele and he is a notable Lithuanian foosball player.


Vaga Publishing, Nieko Rimto publishing, IEVA Fashion magazine, IKI, Maxima, SEB, Lost&Found casting, Caparol, Revoliucijos Ideja, Vytautas mineraliniai vandenys, The Gambler movie, Volfas Engelman, K Special, TV3, Not Perfect agency, Adel Taivas Ogilvy agency, TezTour, BMW, Realco, SummerWild Productions, Citadele.

Featured in

CFSL06 Artbook (Paris, France), DeviantArt, Flickr. Illustration served Bored Panda, Fubiz, Design Father, www.awesomeinventions.com, designyoutrust.com Castle Magazine, Revolution art magazine.